Lakeview Golf Range, formerly known as Lakeview Aqua Golf Range is one the most affordable golf ranges located in and around Komoka. At Lakeview Golf Range, we offer a wide variety of fun and interesting challenges to our customers and we are consistently working on adding more challenges and fun activities to offer quality and value to our customers time.


September, 2019

Hello Golfers! We are excited to announce our discounted prices for the fall 2019.
🗣Large Baskets – 50% off of the regular price🤙🥳
** Monday to Wednesday – 9AM to 2PM ONLY ** (Valid from Sep 24th to Oct 12th)
Happy golfing everyone! See you soon 😊

Shout out to all the students in and around Komoka and London area. Show us your student ID and get 25% off the regular price on the baskets. Free parking available on site and just in case if you happen to forget your clubs, you can swing with ours for free. 🙂

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